CCTV “The Most Picturesque Wetland Selection”

Apart from Wetland of Dianchi Lake in Kunming, other Wetlands such as Zhalong Wetland in Heilongjiang, Wetland of Qinghai Lake, Wetland of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi, Wetland of Changbai Mountain in Jilin, Chengdu Bailuwan Wetland in Sichuan, Hangzhou Xixi Wetland in Zhejiang, Red Beach Wetland of Panjin in Liaoning, Yancheng Dafeng Wetland in Jiangsu and Bayanbulak Wetland in Xinjiang also participate in this competition. Finally, the Dianchi Wetland in Kunming got 110,628 votes and an honorary title of “The Most Picturesque Wetland” in China. The Wetland of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi ranked second, won 32,546 votes.

In recent years, Kunming is devoted to restore the ecological environment beside the Dianchi Lake. Currently, wetland parks such as Wangguan, Dounan and Dongdahe have been built in regions around Dianchi Lake. And wetlands alongside Dianchi Lake have been integrated, with a total coverage area of 33.3 square kilometers including wetland covering 11, 200 mu within the lake.

With an increasing number of wetlands in Dianchi Lake, Yunnan is showing the world a new image for tourism. Tourists could enjoy tranquil and nice environment in Dianchi Lake. Here, we have listed the wetlands in Kunming to you all. We wish that you could enjoy the beautiful scenery at your leisure time. 

Wujiatang Wetland Park

In Liujiao and Xiaobanqiao of Guandu District, beautiful scenery of “connected pond” in Dianchi Lake reappears. 

Feature: wide water area

With such splendid scenery, azure sky mirrors in the water. Standing in Wujiatang Wetland Park, tourists feel relaxed and happy. The park seems a part of gouache against blue sky in autumn when the park is surrounded by thick withered grass.

Surrounding areas: Kunming Yongyida Holiday Hotel, Hot-Spring Resort Hotel and Qiyuan Hotel in the distant are available for accommodation

Ticket: RMB 30

Restaurant: 2 km away from the wetland park, Kusunji (stewed chicken with bamboo shoot) and Dajuyuan are available

Traffic: bus routes of special line of Dianchi International Convention Centre and K23

Self-driving: Xingyuan Road of Xishan District — West 2nd Ring Road—Driving into G320 through Mingbo Overpass — Drive 1.6 km along G320 — Go straight along with ring road and drive into Xihua Road — Guangfu Road — Wujiatang Ecological Wetland Park

Wujiadui Wetland Park

Wujiadui Wetland Park is situated at the north bank of Dianchi Lake, adjacent to Daguan Park.

Wujiadui Wetland Park, close to the downtown of Kunming, consists of five scenic spots: “dancing reed flowers”, “green water caltrop in pond”, “rocking bamboo with refreshing breeze”, “green bamboo and lotus” and “moonlight over the Lotus Pond”. With a total area of 31 mu, it comprises five ponds of all sizes.

Ticket: free

Traffic: Bus No. 143, 166, 97 or C8 

Haigeng Daba Wetland Park

Overlooking the elegant Xishan Mountain and the grand Dianchi Lake, Haigeng Daba Wetland Park enjoys a perfect location. 

Feature: contact with black-headed gulls

Daba Wetland Park is situated at the north bank of Dianchi, adjacent to Haigeng Park and Yunnan Ethnic Village. During November to March, the park would become the play ground for black-headed seagulls, in which tourists can view, feed and take photos with them.

Ticket: free

Traffic: Bus No. 73, 135, B line of No. 184, 233, 24, 44, 94 or 172

Baofeng Wetland Park

It is adjacent to Haidong Wetland Park which hosts a dense vegetation area.

Feature: ideal for cycling and hiking

Location: Baofeng Wetland Park is located in the entrance of Baoxiang River of the Dianchi Lake. With about 700 mu forest belt beside the lake, the wetland consistsforests, viewing platform and bamboo forests.

Ticket: free

Traffic: Bus No. 199 and No. 169