Chennong Ecological Garden

Established in 2009 and covering about 14 hectares, the Garden is 16 km from the downtown of Kunming. As one of the best sites for agrotourism in Yunnan Province, the Garden integrates sightseeing, farming history exhibition, science popularisation and education, leisure, vacation, catering and  farming experiencing.

The Garden is set with a farming heritage museum, a modern agricultural science and technology museum, a boutique floral hall and an eco vegetables picking garden, offering visitors a great experience for agrotourism in the vicinity of Kunming.


The Farming Heritage Museum
The two-storey museum is the first private museum in Kunming with nearly 700 items of different farming-related material objects which include bronze wares of the West Han Dynasty, stone axes of the Neolithic Period, eave tiles of the late Qing Dynasty, altar tables and land deeds of the Republic of China and assorted farming tools and costumes of Yunnan ethnic groups in the modern times. The highlights of the museum are the mural of the 24 solar terms on the wall and several thousands books on farming.


The Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Museum
Covering 2,700 sq metres, it is a high-tech greenhouse set with automated spraying equipments, sunshade system, and venting system for temperature controlling. The museum fully displays the stereoscopic cultivation technology, soil-free growing technology and tissue culture technology etc.


Add: Middle section of Gaohai Road, Kunming
Tel: 0871-67411375


Public bus
No.12 starting from Juhuacun, then transfer No.221 or 227 when arriving in Chenggong.


Line No.1 and No.2, stop at Chunrong Street, exit at Exit C, then transfer bus No.215 or 221.

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