The best refreshing snacks

In the turn of summer and autumn, it is not so sizzling in most parts of Yunnan as many places in China. But the appetising, refreshing local snacks in Yunnan are still the favourite of most foodies. Here are some snacks which are trendy in the time of summer and even autumn.


Cold "rice shrimp" 
It is exactly not shrimp, but a kind of snack made from rice. Because of its resemblance to the shrimp, locals in Yunnan give it the special name. After the cooked rice paste is colandered into the cold water, the “rice shrimps” are shaped. Fragrant, tender and soft, the snack gives foodies a refreshing taste.


Cold rice noodle
Rice noodle needless to say is one of the most enjoyed snacks in Yunnan. In a hot day, the cold rice noodle is the best dish to cool off.


Bingfen drink
It is made from the seeds of the plant Pevuvian Apple Herb, and locally called "mu gua shui". With black sugar, sesame seeds, and rose flavour syrup etc, it offers a refreshing and soft taste.


Paodalu ice cream
It is originally the popular dessert in the South Asian countries such as Thailand and Myanmar. Today, it becomes very popular in Xishuangbanna, Dehong and many other places in Yunnan. With assorted ingredients including coconut shreds, tapioca pudding, rusks, condensed milk and ice etc, it is the very special ice cream.


Salad pea jelly
Pea jelly is a household snack in most parts of Yunnan. In Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and many other places, visitors can easily get chance to enjoy the available snack which is an ideal appetiser.


Iced  porridge
It is a side dish cooked with glutinous rice, red beans and peanuts. When cooled down, the porridge is added with ice, red sugar and sesame seeds etc. In many eateries in Kunming, it is available.


Pickled/salted fruits
The way for preparing fruits in Yunnan varies as Yunnan is home to assorted fruits. One of the popular ways is pickling or salting. What you can try includes salted mango, pickle crab-apple, salted strawberry, pickled pear, salted pineapple and pickled olive etc.