Yunnan Red Chateau

By Mr Ma Tongchun, a local resident and senior English-speaking tour guide with over 30 years of professional experience.

The most famous red wine brewer in Yunnan province Yunnan Red Chateau is located in the Dongfeng Farm of Mi'le city about 2 hours' drive from Kunming. As one of the nine great chateaus in China, it has been a trendy, romantic destination around Kunming for visitors who like red wines and vineries. 

The grape plantation in Dongfeng Farm, Mi'le City

The chateau has the largest grape plantation and international standardised brewing equipments in the south of China. More than 660 hectares of grapes (such as Rosy Honey) have become the unique natural resource in the province of Yunnan.

Visiting the chateau, you may marvel at the ten-thousand-ton wine fermentation cylinder, the modern production line, the mysterious brewing of plateau wine and the grand cellars. However, the red wine culture cultivated though many years and the history of Yunnan plateau grape might well be what the chateau takes pride in.

Stepping into the chateau, you will be greeted by the grape fragrance permeating everywhere. Rewardingly, you can witness the entire process of brewing wines from picking the grapes to the bottling and racking. In the chateau, you will also find many vintage style houses constructed with locally kilned red bricks.

In the chateau is a holy church designed in Chinese and Western architectural styles. It is the place many young people choose to visit during Valentine's Day.

Looking into the distance from the chateau

Travel tips
Yunnan Red Chateau is about 2 hours' drive from Kunming. Visitors can enjoy the hotspring bath in the famous Huquan Ecological Garden of Mi'le City.