Dianchi Wetland crowned "The Most Picturesque Wetland"

On 21 June, "The Most Picturesque Wetland" held by CCTV ended and the Wetland of Dianchi Lake in Kunming took the crown.

Apart from Wetland of Dianchi Lake in Kunming, other wetlands in China such as Zhalong Wetland in Heilongjiang, Wetland of Qinghai Lake, Wetland of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi, Wetland of Changbai Mountain in Jilin, Chengdu Bailuwan Wetland in Sichuan, Hangzhou Xixi Wetland in Zhejiang, Red Beach Wet Land of Panjin in Liaoning, Yancheng Dafeng Wet Land in Jiangsu and Bayanbulak Wet Land in Xijiang also participated in the event. Finally, the Dianchi Wet Land in Kunming got votes of 110,628 and honorary title of "The Most Picturesque Wetland" in China. The Wetland of Poyang Lake in Jiangxi  ranking only second, won votes of 32,546.

In recent years, Kunming is devoted to restoration and construction of ecological environment beside the Dianchi Lake. Currently, wetland parks such as Wangguan, Dounan and Dongdahe have been built around the Dianchi Lake. Also, ecological functions and biodiversity beside the lake have been gradually restored. And wetlands alongside Dianchi Lake have been integrated, with total coverage area of 33.3 sq km, including wetland covering 11,200 mu within the lake. 

With the increase of wetlands in the Dianchi Lake, Yunnan is also given a new tourism card and a new scenery. Tranquility and leisure are gift for tourists for Dianchi Lake. Now the editor counts up wetlands freely open to the public in Kunming, so that tourists can wander at leisure and get away from annoyances.


Wujiatang Wetland Park 
In Liujia and Xiaobanqiao of Guandu District, beautiful scenery of "catenated pond" in Dianchi Lake reappears.  
Feature: wide water area

With gorgeous and splendid scenery, continuous water area is set off by azure sky. Standing in Wujiatang Wetland Park, tourists feel relaxed and happy. The park seems a part of gouache against blue sky in autumn when the park is surrounded by thick withered grass. 

Surrounding areas: Kunming Yongyida Holiday Hotel, hot-spring resort hotel and Qiyuan Hotel in the distant are available for accommodation.

Admission ticket: RMB30

Catering: 2km away from the wetland park, Kusunji (stewed chicken with bamboo shoot) and Dajuyuan are available. 

Traffic:bus routes of special line of Dianchi International Exhibition &Convention Centre and K23.

Self-driving: Xingyuan Road of Xishan District-West the 2nd Ring Road-Driving into G320 through Mingbo Flyover-Driving 1.6km along with G320-Going straight along with ring road and driving into Xihua Road-Guangfu Road-Wujiatang ecological wetland park.


Wujiadui Wetland Park 
Wujiadui Wetland Park is situated at the north bank of Dianchi Lake, adjacent to Daguan Park.
Feature: near the downtown

Wujiadui Wetland Park, close to the downtown of Kunming, consists of five scenic spots of "reed flowers dancing", "green water caltrop in pond", "rocking bamboo with refreshing breeze", "green bamboo and lotus" and "moonlight over the Lotus Pond". With total area of 31mu, it comprises five ponds of all sizes.

Admission Ticket: free

Traffic: bus routes of No. 143, No. 166, No. 97 and No. C8 are available.


Haigeng Dam Wetland Park
Overlooking elegant Sleeping Beauty Mountain and seeing grand Dianchi Lake with length of 250km.  
Feature: contact with black-headed gulls

Dianchi Dam Wetland Park is situated at the north bank of Dianchi, adjacent to Haigeng Park and Yunnan Nationalities Village. During the period from November to March of the next year, the park would become the world of black-headed gulls, in which tourists can view, feed and take photos for them.

Admission Ticket: free

Traffic: bus routes of No. 73, No. 135, B line of No. 184, No. 233, No. 24, No. 44, No. 94 and No. 172.


Baofeng Wetland Park 
It is adjacent to Haidong Wetland Park, and it has dense vegetation.  
Feature: a nice place to have a cycling and hiking.

Baofeng Wetland Park is located in the entrance of Baoxiang River of the Dianchi Lake. With about 700mu forest belt beside the lake, the wetland consists of water’s bank of forests, wave watching hall, viewing platform, and secluded path in bamboo forest. It would be a nice plan to go on a tour, cycling and hiking on weekend.

Admission Ticket: free

Traffic: bus routes of No. 199 and No. 169. 


Haidong Wetland Park 
Haidong Wetland Park is situated at the north bank of Dianchi Lake, adjacent to Baofeng Wetland Park. 
Feature: flowers in full blossom throughout the year

Connecting with Dianchi Lake, Haidong Wetland Park is covered with thick plants and colorful flowers in full blossom alongside the path. Fresh air, quiet water flowing beneath a little bridge, verdant trees, winding paths leading to a secluded quiet place, all beautiful environment has made it become one of the most picturesque wetland parks in Dianchi Lake.


Admission Ticket: free

Bus: bus routes of No. 199 and No. 169. Get off at Baofeng Station and walk 50m.

Self-driving: to the direction of East Huanhu Road, driving 9km along with Guangfu Road


Chenggong Ecological Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake  
Chenggong Ecological Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake is situated at the northeast bank of Dianchi Lake. 
Feature: adjacent to flower market.


With dense plants and trees, the wetland park is embellished with calamus, reed and water nymph. Besides, plants such as prunus cerasoides, ficus microcarpa, cyperus papyrus, lantana camara, sweet-scented osmanthus, canna, thalia dealbata and other flowers are scattered in the park.

Admission Ticket: free

Traffic: bus routes of No.C6, and No.215. Get off at Dounan Station and walk 50m.

Self-driving: Guangfu Road-North Caiyun Road-Xingcheng Road. Driving into Xingcheng Road and walk about 400m, and turn right to drive about 2km. The park is on the right.


Wetland Park of Laoyu River  
Wetland Park of Laoyu River is situated at the east bank of Dianchi Lake. And Laoyu River is one of headwaters in Dianchi Lake.


At the entrance of Laoyu River, both banks of the Wetland Park of Laoyu River are covered with green trees and reeds, especially more than 600,000 tulips which make numerous tourists infatuated. Tourists can take a walk along with long and narrow road o the park, closely viewing purple-leaf plum, fig and reed.


Admission Ticket: free

Traffic: take metro line No. 1 and get off at South University City, and transfer to No. 222, and get off at Zhonghe Village Station.

Self-driving: driving to the direction of Jinning along with East Huanhu Road, and drive into the path as seeing the advertising board of "Chenggong Zhicheng Ruifeng Leisure Ecological Garden". 


Yupu Hanquan Wetland Park 
Yupu Hanquan Wetland Park is situated at the east bank of Dianchi Lake 
Feature: autumn scenery in pond and the night fishing in Yupu

The park is embellished with pavilions, terraces and open halls, fountain in the lotus pond, green trees and grassland. With water landscape as main factor, about 17 scenic spots such as lotus through Pingqiao Bridge, autumn scenery in pond and the night fishing in Yupu are shown. The whole park consists of entrance region, purification demonstration plot, wetland landscape area, leisure area beside the lake, leisure & tea-tasting area, landscape forest area and comprehensive exhibition center.

Admission Ticket: free

Address: near Weixing Reservoir, Majinpu Street, Chenggong New District, Kunming

Self-driving: downtown-Caiyun Road-Liangfeng Road-near Weixing Reservoir


Jinning Dongdahe Wetland Park 
Jinning Dongdahe Wetland Park is located at the south bank of Dianchi Lake, covered with small bridges and flowing stream, a scene of vigor. 
Feature: a nice place of paint from life

The wetland park is like a wash painting, which is unique for amateurs fond of painting. River water is clean and limpid, winding through the park. With THE various vegetations, tourists may indulge in pleasures without stop.

Admission ticket: free

Address: Xingwang Village, Kunyang Town, Jinning County, Kunming City

Self-driving: Kunming-Kunming-Bangkok International Highway (70km)-Kunyang Toll Station-the first intersection (along with belt expressway, and stay away from Dongfeng Road)-turn right at the bridge-Xingwang Village-Dongdahe Wetland. Tourists may go the wrong way at Kunyang Toll Station. If you start from Kunming, don't drive out at Jincheng or Panlong Temple Toll Stations. Passing Niulian Toll Station, tourists can get to the destination. 


Xihua Wetland Park 
Xihua Wetland Park is situated at the west bank of Dianchi Lake, a beautiful back garden of Xishan Mountain. 
Feature: natural idyllic scenery

In the west bank of Dianchi Lake, Xihua Wetland Park is at the foot of Guanyin Mountain. In the park, plants such as reed, cattail and clinopodium urticifolium waved with the wind. Water lily lying on the water surface ripples slightly. Scenery seems a landscape painting before you.

Traffic: starting from Xishan District-driving about 480m along with Xingyuan Road-turn right into West 2nd Ring Road and drive 80m-driving in to Mingbo Flyover (A line)-Turn right and driving 220m-driving 440m along with West Ring Road-Turn right into Anning-Driving into G56 from Mingbo Flyover and driving 6.4km-Gaoyao Flyover-Gaohai Expressway-Xihua Wetland Park


Pan-Asian International Urban Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake 
Feature: various vegetation and biodiversity

Pan-Asian International Urban Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake, also named as Xiliangtang Wetland Park. It is situated at the north bank of Dianchi Lake in Xiliangtang District. Nearby Baoxiang River, it has high water quality. The plank road is provided with guardrails, but blue sky, white cloud and reed still constitute a beautiful picture. Also, Guandu ancient town is near the Pan-Asian International Urban Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake, tourists can drop in on it.

Surrounding areas: Pan-Asian International Urban Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake is located in Guandu District. About 1.2km away from the park, there is a Little Angel Expressway Hotel. Tourists can have a meal in Liu's Restaurant, Fish Restaurant (mainly cooking Pickled Radish Stewed Fish), Xiyangyang Rural Inn and others. If you choose to self-driving, Qianglin petrifaction gasoline station is available.

Route: take No. 12 tourist bus from Expo Park to International Urban Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake is available.


Self-driving: starting from Xishan District-Xingyuan Road-West 2nd Ring Road-driving into South 2nd Ring Road at Mingbo Flyover-driving into G80 through Shihuguan Flyover-Driving out of Zhujiacun Flyover through the exit of East 3rd Ring Road-North Caiyun Road-Erji Road-Guangfu Road-Pan-Asian International Urban Wetland Park of Dianchi Lake


Wangguan Wetland  
Any scene compares favorably with a fashionable blockbuster. 
Feature: formed by nature

In the south of Huanhu Lake, it is situated at the junction zone of Guangpu gutter and Chenggong. Except for plank roads connecting three natural lakes near Dianchi Lake, there are no more artificial facilities. Surrounded by trees and waters, it has pleasant and comfortable temperature.

Bus Route: No. 83-Metro Line No. 1 -No. C85


Dounan Wetland 
With water surface of Dianchi Lake ripples, enjoying sight of willows on both sides is a pleasure. 
Feature: leisure and pleased

Chenggong Dounan Wetland Park is near East Huanhu Road in Dounan Community. Having a walk about 2km along with the dam, tourists can listen sound of water, overlook elegance of Shuimeiren Mountain, and view Dianchi Lake. With cool wind blowing, a sense of pleasure always makes you intoxicated.

The park is near the flower market of Dounan. Going across the road, tourists can view a large number of flower lands.


Gudian Wetland Park 
Based on the culture of Gudian as core, Gudian Wetland Park presents the history and culture of Yunnan fully.
Feature: cycling and fishing

Jinning Gudian Wetland Park is located at the south bank of Dianchi Lake and west side of Changyao Mountain. The part is covered with dense flowers and trees. Moving your step, different scenery is waiting for you. The blue sky and green lake seem integrated. Boating or fishing is a nice choice to touch the nature.

Traffic: tourists can take bus No. 222 and get off at Shicheng Village, and then walking to "Ancient Dian Kingdom".


Self-driving: driving along with South Huanhu Road, tourists will see the gate of "Ancient Dian Kingdom" soon. It is 35km away from the downtown of Kunming. 


Hekou Wetland of Baiyu River 
Human being, nature and birds have a harmonious life in Baiyu River. 
Feature: have a leisure time and viewing birds

Hekou Wetland of Baiyu River is located at both sides at the entrance of Baiyu River in Shizhai Village Committee of Shangsuan Town. The park is covered with abundant various plants. On the side nearby Dianchi Lake, there is a viewing deck about 100m long. Standing in the deck, tourists can overlook Dianchi Lake enshrouded by mist, with a feeling of relaxed and happy.

Address: both sides at the entrance of Baiyu River at the southeast bank of Dianchi Lake, Xiahaigeng Village, Shizhai Village Committee, Shangsuan Town, Jinning County

Self-driving: to Xiahaigeng Village, Shizhai Village Committee and Shangsuan Town by following guideboards.


Tuanshan Ecological Wetland 
This park is not large, but a nice place to avoid summer heat.  
Feature: natural oxygen bar

The park is filled with a vast of cedars, providing a natural oxygen bar. In leisure time, tourists can invite friends to play cards or have small talk in the forest. Due to nearby Dianchi Lake, tourists can also view a beautiful scenery of Dianchi Lake.  


Location: Tuanshan Village Committee, Jincheng Town, Jinning County


Longmen Wetland Park 
In the park, bridge and pavilion is staggered fitly. 
Feature: against Xishan Mountain and facing Dianchi Lake

Longmen Wetland Park is not only a "treasures land" surrounded by green mountains and rivers but also a genuine natural oxygen bar. Standing in the high place, tourists can overlook Dianchi Lake. There is a path leading to Longmen of Xishan Mountain in the park, and tourists can walk along with the path to Xishan Mountain. As enjoying fresh air, tourists can do physical exercise.

Location: in the front of Xishan Mountain Scenic Spot on the west bank of Dianchi Lake 


Huiwan Wetland 
A beautiful spot hidden by dense trees
Feature: best rendezvous for lovers

Huiwan Wetland is situated at the east of Gaohai Road in Fushan Community. Although it is not large in scale, picturesque scenery is hidden secretly. There is a viewing deck nearby Dianchi Lake, in which tourists can overlook Xishan Mountain and experience special features of Dianchi Lake.

Location: in the east of Gaohai Road in Fushan Community


Wetland at Entrance of West Bank of Panlong River 
Citizens who like cycling can ride on a bicycle along with Haigeng Park and get to the Wetland at Entrance of West Bank of Panlong River.  
Feature: green gallery

The wetland is within scope about 4.8km long where Panlong River passes through in Dianchi national tourist resort. Main greening tree species contain gingko, cerasus cerasoides, celtis tetrandra, cinnamomum japonicum, lignum cinnamomi camphorae, and ficus microcarpa. The green gallery stretches from Haigeng Park to the wetland. Tourists can ride on a bicycle or take a walk. Nearby Dianchi Lake, a deck is constructed for viewing beautiful scenery. 


Traffic: the distance from the wetland to bus station is far, so it is suggested to drive a car or ride on a bicycle.

Self-driving: Dianchi Road-East Hongta Road-Zhuangjiatang Flyover-Binhu Road (driving into the fourth intersection of Zhuangjiatang Flyover, and then getting to entrance of lake along with Panlong River).