The golden summer in the west of Kunming

The sunflowers in the Golden Tanglangchuan of Anning City in the west of Kunming have begun to bloom recently and will be flourishing in early August, creating a destination for visitors to admire the nature in the summer of Kunming. 
Located on the bank of the Tanglangchuan River of Wenquan Town of Anning, the Golden Tanglangchuan with the Muyang Lake as its centre is known for the canola flowers in spring and sunflowers in summer. Because it is near the Wenquan Town which is named after the rich natural hot springs, many visitors and local residents of Kunming like to enjoy both Spa vacations and flowers. 


Travel tips
Route: Kunming-Anning-Wenquan-Tanglangchuan, all 35 km
Time to visit: late July-early September


1-Bus ride from Xiaoximen to Wenquan Town, then transfer local bus No. 16
2-Bus No. 18 from Panjiawan Bus Terminal to Tanglangchuan