Dounan “Flower Capital” Art Festival

In order to celebrate the Torch Festival, the 2016 Kunming Spring City Culture Festival and the 11th China Chenggong "Flower Capital" Art Festival is to be held during 27-31 July in Dounan flower market.

Dounan is the largest flower market in China 

Since 2005, Chenggong District of Kunming annually holds the festival which is highlighted by folk cultural performances including Huadeng opera, Dian Opera, and folk songs etc, giving citizens and visitors a good opportunity to experience the local culture.


At the opening ceremony in the morning of 27 July, professional troupes in Kunming will stage grand cultural shows and festooned vehicles will parade on Xianhua Avenue and Yingbin Road in Dounan.


During 27-31 July, the artful flower designs will be displayed in the Hall 3 of Dounan Flower Market. It is worth mentioning that in 1993 and 2008, Chenggong was nominated as "the hometown of China's contemporary folk paintings" because of the cultural identity; and a dedicated exhibition of Chenggong farmers' paintings will at the same time take place in Hall 3 and Hall 5. During 27-28 July, the intangible cultural heritages such as embroideries and paper cuttings will also be exhibited in Hall 3 and Hall 5.  


Meanwhile, for gourmands the Building 8 is where they can find the authentic local delicacies like pea jelly and assorted snacks made from roses. 


1-Bus No. 12, stop at Dounan Road Crossing; C6, stop at Dounan Flower Market
2-Metro line No. 1, stop at Dounan, then transfer C6, or 20 minutes' walk