Fenglong Bay

Fenglong Bay is one of the main scenic sites in Xundian County in the northeast of Kunming. 10 km from the county seat, it is adjacent to the Malong River in the east, Zhongling Mt Forest Park in the south, and Beidaying Grassland in the north.

Yachting in the bay

Surrounded by mountains with verdant vegetation, Fenglong Bay with limpid water is an ideal, tranquil place for leisure and exploring the nature. The 15-km-long winding bay has nearly 100 magnificent wonders. By yachting, visitors can visit the Longmen Gorge, Dieshui Gorge, Lianhua Island, Fengyan Cave, and Shiban River etc. 

Waterfall on the Shiban River

Bus ride from Kunming North Bus Station to Xundian County

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