Driving tour to Sandan Town of Fumin County

Sandan Town is 22 km from the county seat of Fumin. Because of the various natural pools and brooks, the water capacity of the Town reaches as many as 4 million cubic metres. For this reason, Sandan is called the Watery Town in Kunming, and locals have the saying that "If you hoe the land, you can find water immediately."


In July each year, the lotus flowers bloom in many places. Sandan as the nearest Watery Town to Kunming attracts lots of visitors to admire the Flowers at Liaokuoying Village. 

Things to do
Thanks to the rich water resources, locals in Sandan plant a big variety of vegetables. In Diantou Village 9 km from the Town, visitors have the opportunity to closely visit base of Chengfeng Vegetable Cooperative and enjoy picking the vegetables. 

The plantation scale of the Base is 7 hectares with more than 30 kinds of vegetables including cabbage, aubergine, and pepper etc, all of which are grown in an ecological way and preferred by visitors to the Town. 

In the evening (of 16 July 2016), visitors going to Sandan also can enjoy the Street Banquet and cultural shows organised by local Miao ethnic people. 

At the same day, visitors can also visit Xiaoshuijing Miao Ethnic Village where the Farmers Choir sings beautifully.