Fumin in the lens of photographers

In Kunming, Luomian Town of Fumin County is famous for waxberries. In each June, the annual Waxberry Festival takes place in Fumin, with Luomian being the subvenue. Locals from around Luomian stage assorted cultural performances for visitors. Photo by Li Quan


A Miao ethnic boy playing the flute. Photo by Bao Ningning


The Miao ethnic ladies performing on the stage. Photo by Deng Hong


The Miao ethnic members playing their traditional musical instrument. Photo by Huang Bo


A Miao ethnic man playing the traditional instrument. Photo by Guan Rong


As a tradition to entertain the guests, the Miao ethnic people always serve wines before "letting them go". 


Zongjiatian Reservoir with limpid water is surrounded by green mountains. Photo by Du Bin


The pastoral landscapes of Luomian Town. Photo by Deng Hong