Camping sites in Kunming

Camping in the nature has become the like of most city dwellers, especially those who love outdoors activities. In Kunming, there are several ideal places travellers do not need to travel long to access for camping to feel the power of the nature. Some of these places are:


Zhenfeng Manor, Shalang Subdistrict, Wuhua District (15 km)
--The nearest camping site to the city--
Located in Shalang Bai ethnic Town of Wuhua District of Kunming, the manor is a comprehensive country tourism resort integrating ecological agriculture plantation, vegetables and fruits picking, agricultural product processing and delivery, leisure, vacation, sightseeing, and cultivation culture experiencing, etc. The manor is 15 km (30-40 minutes’ drive) from downtown, and many locals like to spend weekends here.

The manor and professional outdoors clubs have jointly developed idyllic cycling lanes based on the superb landscapes including the forests, green meadows and lakes etc. Besides, a natural camping site has been set up in the manor where visitors can carry out outdoors activities such as orienteering, camping, hiking, and mountain climbing etc.


How to go there?
1-Take a driving tour organised by local travel companies
2-Public bus No. C16 from Mianshan Bus Terminal


Dongcun Village, Fumin County (72 km)
--Soaking in hotsprings at daytime and camping at night--

The village is located on the riverbank of Pudu River. In this area there is a hotspring called "Primitive Tribe Hotspring" that contains more than a dozen ponds. Visitors only pay 30 yuan and can soak in the ponds from 8 am to 11 pm.  On weekends, locals like to enjoy camping and barbeque here. Because there are not so many farmhouses in this area, visitors need to prepare camping tents and barbeque gadgets in advance.


How to go there?
1-Take a driving tour organised by local travel companies


Changhu Lake, Shilin County (110 km)
--Camping beside the water--
1,907 metres high, the lake nestles among mountains and forests, with a circumference of 5.5 kilometres and the deepest place is 24 metres. The picturesque lake with limpid water is said to be the hometown of Ashima a legendary Yi ethnic girl. In the past, the lake is seldom known, so it is also called "the hidden lake". 

The vegetation around the lake is well preserved and the environment is very quiet. Besides barbeque, visitors can also camp around the lake for a quiet night, enjoying the chirping of insects and the stars at a cloudless night.
Entry fee: 10 yuan


How to go there?
1.Take a driving tour organised by local travel companies
2.Bus ride from Kunming East Bus Station to Shilin County East Bus Station, then transfer bus No. 65 to Weize Town which is about 2.5 kilometres or 30 minutes's walk to the Lake.


Taiyanggu Valley, Yiliang County (90 km)
--Camping, hiking and adventuring--
The Valley is located in Xiaoshao Village which is known for the wild mushrooms. 56 km from Kunming or 29 km from Yiliang county seat, the village has developed scenic areas including Taiyanggu Valley and Shiban River Waterfalls etc.

Taiyanggu featuring primitive river valleys has a brook called Qinxi stretching 10 km with crystal  water. Thanks to the drop difference of the brook, waterfalls are formed, adding much charm of the Valley.

Behind the visitors centre of Xiaoshao Village, there is a uphill track. Because of the dense vegetation and well kept ecological system, this area is full of negative oxygen ions. Plus the convenient facilities, many visitors choose to camp here. 


How to go there?
1-Take a driving tour organised by local travel companies


Dadieshui, Tuanjie Subdistrict, Xishan District (64 km)
--Adventuring, mountain climbing and camping--
The Dadieshui Camping Park is located in Douzui Village 40 km from Kunming downtown, covering 5.4 sq km. It is a comprehensive site integrating leisure, entertainment, adventure, mountain climbing and camping. In different seasons of the year, the park feature different themes, including: January-February: plum blossoms; March-May: wild cherry flowers; June-July: wild waxberries; August-September: prickly ash berries; October-December: maple trees.


How to go there?
1-Take a driving tour organised by local travel companies