Wild mushrooms, the seasonal favourite of gourmets

Comes with the rainy season is a big variety of wild edible mushrooms which are the household dishes of restaurants around Yunnan. Many mushroom markets in Yunnan are full of mushroom sellers and buyers each day, including many locals many of whom are housewives good at cooking mushroom delicacies. In addition to Guangshan Wild Mushroom Street, listed in this article are the places for mushrooms around Kunming. 


Shuanglong Sub-District
About 30 minutes' drive from Kunming downtown , Shuanglong sub-district has a vegetation coverage of 71.6% with rich mushroom resources in the mountains. Bolete is the most popular and many local farmers run restaurants offering assorted wild mushrooms. Visitors can pick mushrooms from the wild and prepare them in the houses of local farmers.
Route: Kunming-KunmingQujing Expressway-Shuanglong Gas Station-Shuanglong Sub-district


Aziying Town
In Aziying Town of Songming County, visitors can see locals sell a big variety of fresh mushrooms including bolete and Cantharellus cibarius etc. Kunmingese prefer to buy mushrooms here and travellers get chance to enjoy wild mushrooms in local restaurants.
Route: North city proper of Kunming-Old Road to Jiaozi Mt-Shuangshao-45km-Aziying


Wanxichong, Chenggong District
Chenggong is regarded as the back garden of Kunming. In this area, Liangwang Mt, Songmao reservoir, Liaojia Mt, and Wanxichong abounds in wild mushrooms including bolete and russula virescens etc. Among the many local farmers-run restaurants of Wanxichong , Yin Xiang Farmhouse is the most famous, and visitors can enjoy an authentic mushroom banquet here.
Route: Kunming-Huanhu East Road-Caiyun Road-KunmingYuxi Expressway-Wanxichong


Tangdian, Jiaozi Mt and Hongtudi
Tangdian Industrial Zone, Jiaozi Mt Tourism Development Zone and Hongtudi (Redland) have a total annual output of 60-70 tonnes of wild mushrooms including over 20 kinds, among which Mutsutaki is the best. In late June, bolete and russula virescens are available on the markets. Each Wednesday is the market day in Hongtudi Town and visitors can buy or enjoy mushrooms here.
Route: Kunming-Tangdian-Fenghe Town-Lianhe Town-Hongtudi


Yiliang County
Xiaoshao Village of Yiliang County is most famous for the high quality Sparassidaceae. It is difficult to buy this kind of wild mushroom on markets because nearly 10 tonnes of output of  Sparassidaceae are sold out to gourmands before they are taken to the markets.

56 km east Kunming, or 29 km from Yiliang county seat, the village has a forest area of over 5.3 square km. During late June to middle November each year, Xiaoshao village abounds in a big variety of wild mushrooms, with the number of kinds varying from 300 to 500, including Sparassidaceae , bolete and russula virescens etc, among which Sparassidaceae is most famous and has the biggest share. 
Route: Kunming-KunmingShilin Expressway-Yiliang –Xiaoshao Village


Xundian County
The wild mushrooms of Xundian County mainly distribute in Qixing, Hekou , and Rende etc. In each July, assorted mushrooms including Sparassidaceae, bolete, and Russula virescens etc are available on markets.
Route: Kunming-KunmingQujing Expressway-Xundian County

Luquan County
Luquan of Kunming is called “hometown of mushrooms” because of its advantageous natural conditions that are in favour of assorted wild mushrooms. Restaurants of different sizes in Luquan County offer gourmands a big variety of mushrooms dishes including Collybia albuminosa soup, Russula virescens soup, Sparassidaceae fried with red peppers, and Boletus fried with green peppers etc.
Route: Kunming-KunmingWuding Expressway-Luotu-Luquan County


Fumin County
When Fumin is mentioned for mushrooms, the Collybia albuminosa must be spoken of. In Fumin, there are three kinds of Collybia albuminosas, blue, white and yellow. So it is reasonable to say Fumin is the “Hometown of Collybia albuminosa” in Kunming.
Route: Kunming-Dapuji-Puji Tunnel-Fumin


Jinning County
In Jinning County, the mushroom street of Liujie Town is most known for Kunmingese. Various mushrooms on sale in the street are all picked from mountains, and in the raining season it is a scene of a hustle and bustle world here. 
Route: Kunming-KunmingYuxi Expressway-Niunian Toll Gate-ShangsuanLiujie Road-Liujie


Songming County
5 km away from the county seat of Songming is Changsongyuan Forestry Farm that abounds in wild mushrooms including bolete and Russula virescens etc. Compared with other places, the mushrooms here are much cheaper. The restaurant called Zi Ran Xiang Mushroom Hotpot beside the Lanmao Square in the county seat is a nice place to enjoy mushroom banquet. In addition to the mushrooms, visitors can also camp in the forestry farm. 
Route: Kunming-KunmingQujing Expressway-Junmachang Toll Gate-Songming-Changsongyuan Forestry Farm


Anning City
Family Wang's Courtyard is a rural tourism demonstration site in Anning City in the west of Kunming. From each July to October, the nearby mountains prosper in wild mushrooms. For the local Kunmingese who like wild mushrooms, it is a great enjoyment to pick mushrooms in the mountains. Moreover, in the Courtyard, visitors can also taste the ecological food including locally raised chicken, geese and green vegetables etc.
Route: Kunming-KunmingChuxiong Expressway-Anfengying-Xiaodian Village


Shizong County
Known for the Junzi Mt (Mushroom Mt), Shizong abounds in wild mushrooms due to its advantageous natural conditions. In the Junzi Mt, visitors can pick wild mushrooms and enjoy the mushroom banquet in the town. 
Route: Kunming-Shizong County


Nanhua County
As the "Wild Mushroom Kingdom", Nanhua County needless to say is a must-go place for wild mushrooms. The county that boasts of as many as 290 kinds of wild mushrooms has a total annual output of at least 10,000 tonnes of wild mushrooms.  In the county, Miyilu Yi Ethnic Village is a nice place to enjoy mushrooms as well as the Yi ethnic customs. 
Route: Kunming-KunmingChuxiong Expressway-Nanhua County


Yimen County
Known as the "Water Town in Central Yunnan, Hometown of Wild Mushrooms", Yimen is another famous wild mushrooms place following Nanhua County. The beautiful Longquan National Forest Park is located in Yimen; and there are many places to pick wild mushrooms in raining season in Yimen County, plus many restaurants specialising in wild mushrooms.
Route: Kunming-KunmingChuxiong Expressway-Anfengying-Yimen


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