3rd Kunming intl ornamental plant exhib

Yiliang county is to host the 3rd China Kunming International Ornamental Plants Exhibition during 7-11 June, which will synchronise with the 2016 Yiliang Flowers Festival set to take place during the Dragon Boat Festival. 

Photo by Meng Zhubin

The Exhibition will be set with an estimated amount of 500 booths for potted flowers, herbaceous flowers, foliage plant and bonsais etc. Enterprises from China and the rest of the world engaged in ornamental plants will be invited to attend the Exhibition for which related forums will be organised. 


The background of Yiliang Flowers Festival

52 km southeast Kunming, Yiliang County is dubbed the granary in central Yunnan Province because it is a large producer of rice. Thanks to the advantageous natural conditions and geological location, Yiliang with a firm foundation for flowers and plants industry has become the biggest seedlings base in Yunnan Province. Early in the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949), there had been more than 250 species of flowers in the county. At present, the plantation acreage of flowers and plants in the county has reached 10,000 hectares, and is estimated to reach at least 13,000 hectares by 2020. 


During each Dragon Boat Festival since 2005, Yiliang County holds the Flowers Festival each year which has become a local tradition themed by flowers. Visitors to the county during the Festival have a great opportunity to admire and buy a large variety of potted flowers, bonsais, and to participate in and enjoy various cultural activities.


Major Events

(1).Yunnan Local Boutique Ornamental Plants Exhibition
Date: 7-11 June
Venue: main street of Xiangya Lake
Sub-venue:  Bougainvillea Plantation (next to Lanjiaying Village on the old Kunming-Shilin Road)


(2).Dragon-boat Racing
Date: 8 June for preliminaries; 9 June for finals. 
Place: the Yaxiang Lake Section of Nanpan River


(3).Cycling Racing
Date: 5 June
Place: 68 bends of Jing'anshao


(4).Cultural Activities
Date: 7-13 June
Venue: main street of Xiangya Lake
Sub-venue: Jiuxiang Scenic Area


Travel tips

Bus ride available from Kunming East Bus Station to Yiliang County