Top 5 lake circuit travel routes in Yunnan province

There are many travel routes for visitors to Yunnan to take and these five lake circuit routes are the best for cyclists who can do part of them including Erhai Lake in Dali, Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Lugu Lake in Lijiang.

Erhai Lake, Dali

Route (110 km)
Dali ancient town-20km-Xizhou town-9km-Shangguan town-18km-Shuanglang Resort-14km-Wase town-17km-Haidong Town-21km-Xiaguan town-14km-Dali ancient town

Local food

Erhai fish, milk fan, wild mushrooms


Fuxian Lake, Chengjiang County, Yuxi City

Route (100 km)
Yinghuagu (Cherry flowers valley)-10km-Reshuitang Hot Spring-31km-Paradise Seasons Resort-5km-Fish Demarcation Stone-2km-Gushan Island-6km-Sunshine Coast-14km-Biyun Temple-2km-Mingxing Fish Cave-8km-Luchong Village-20km-Yueliangwan Wetland Park


Local food 
Lotus roots, fish cooked in copper pot, rice cooked with potatoes


Jianhu Lake, Jianchuan County, Dali Prefecture

Jianhu Lake-10km-Jinhua Mt


Local food

Bai ethnic style sour and spicy fish, wild mushrooms


Lugu Lake, Ninglang County, Lijiang City

Route (60 km)
Lige Village-5km-Nisai Village-2km-Xiaoluoshui Village-5km-Dazu Village-3km-Mukua Village-8km-Goddess Bay-20km-Langfang Village-4km-Sanjia Village-2km-Luoshui Village-10km-Lige Village

Local food
Dried beef, local bacon, Yak-butter tea, Sulima wine, Muosuo style roasted fish


Dianchi Lake, Kunming

Route (180 km)

Guangfu Road-9km-Fubao Road-23km-Huanhu East Road-14km-Jincheng town-20km-Kunyang town-32km-Huanhu South Road-47km-Haikou Town-32km-West Mt-Haigeng Dike-5km-Hongta East Road-6km-Guangfu Road


Local food

Rice noodles, rice dumplings, steamed buckwheat bun, steamed dumplings