Places for lavenders in Kunming

The period from May to June is the best time for lavenders and there are up to a dozen parks and gardens in Kunming among which Rinuo at the eastern shore of the Dianchi lake is referred to as "Provence of Kunming". 


Yuenuo Lavenders Park
For the sake of protecting the lavenders, the park was once closed for years. Now, it has been reopened to visitors and locals romantically call it "Provence of Kunming". In addition to lavenders, the park also plants sun flowers creating a wonderful view of yellow and purple. 
Add: road crossing of Huanhudong Road and Yupu Road
Entry fee: 30 yuan


The Aqua (Xing Yao Shui Xiang)
The biggest feature of The Aqua is a church where people can hold wedding ceremonies with the romantic setting of lavenders. The Town is well equipped with a wetland park, a golf course and a food street etc, offering visitors a good stay. 
Add: Songming County


Haidong Wetland Park
One of Dianchi ecological parks, Haidong Wetland locates on the northern bank of Dianchi Lake with the scale of 0.6 sq kilometres. There are various species of aquatic and terrestrial plants all over the park including lavenders during May-June.
Add: Xiliangtang area at north bank of Dianchi Lake


Vanilla Manor
The park is on the way to the World Butterfly Eco Garden (Dwarves  World). There are more than 30 kinds of herbal plants planted inside the park including lavenders. 
Add: Hongshan Hilltop, Xihua Street, Gaohai Road


Lavenders Park of Fenglongwan
The park is highlighted by European style buildings and graceful gardens.
Add: Fenglongwan Scenic Area, Xundian County


Yingxiang Tobacco Manor
The park has planted 0.8  sq kilometres of tobaccos and 0.4 sq kilometres of herbal plants including lavenders. Besides admiring these plants, visitors can experience the blending technique for premium cigarettes. 
Add: Lumeiyi Town, Shilin County


Daguan Park
The park is 2 km from downtown and many visitors to the city usually go to see the Daguan Pavilion after which the park is named. The park at the shore of the Dianchi Lake is well equipped with entertainment facilities, and the plantation area is a world of lavenders during May-June. 
Add: 2 km from downtown
Entry fee: 20 yuan


Jiaoye Park
In the park is the monument for the Hump Flights during WW II, and a high quality lavender garden has been set. The park is also frequently visited by locals to have barbeque parties and outdoors activities. 
Add: Yu'an Mt, Norwest suburb of Kunming
Entry fee: 10 yuan