Rose delicacies of Bajie

Bajie town of Anning in the west of Kunming mainly plants economic crops such as roses, red pear, shallow water lotus root and vegetables etc. 


From each 15 April to 10 May, the edible rose plantations in the town totaling about 600 hectares are in full bloom. During the annual event "Slow Life in Bajie, Fragrant Tour", Bajie is a hot destination in Kunming and visitors can enjoy a wide range of drool inducing, refreshing rose delicacies prepared by local family-run restaurants.  And in the local workshops, visitors also get chance to participate in making specialties such as the rose candy. 

Chicken stewed with pear and rose


Pork rib prepared with glutinous rice and rose


Desserts prepared with rose


The rose banquet


Travel tips
1-Anning city is 30 km west Kunming, bus ride available from Xiaoximen,or
2-Special bus line to Bajie from Kunming International Convention & Exhibition Centre (near the Wal-Mart) during 16 April-15 June. The bus departs to Bajie from Kunming at 08:30, and goes back to Kunming from Bajie at 16:00.
3-Bajie Town is about 37 km from Anning, take bus No. 9 of Anning to Bajie Town where the local government arranges bus ride to the plantation.