Top 10 scenic sites in Yunnan for the year of 2015

The name list of the 2015 China Tourism Brand Awards (Yunnan Area) was recently released, including 10 scenic sites in the province of Yunnan--which are they and which one is your favourite?


No.10.Yingwu Mt and Fenghuang Valley, Shizong County, Qujing City 
Compared with other scenic sites listed, the Yingwu Mt and Fenghuang Valley are not so well known to travellers, though Shizong County is geographically adjacent to Luoping where the canola flowers create a dreamland in springtime. Shizong is called home by such minority groups as Zhuang and Miao etc who are known for their ethnic customs like stilted houses (of the Miao) and coloured rice (of the Zhuang). The Yingwu Mt is where visitors can find the world's thickest, most concentrated, most magnificent and oldest rhododendrons (Rhododendron delavayi); while the Fenghuang Valley is such an amazing place that is hidden among mountains.


No.9.Jade Water Village, Yulong County, Lijiang City
In Lijiang the most popular destination of travellers to Yunnan, the Jade Water Village fully displays the Naxi ethnic culture highlighted by the world famous Dongba Culture. As the base to inherit the Dongba Culture, the Village has well preserved the Naxi ethnic tradition with the backdrop of the beautiful natural landscapes, embodying the concept of the Naxi people: man and nature go together harmoniously.


No.8.Meili Snow Mt, Deqin County, Diqing Prefecture
One of the Eight Great Sacred Mountains in the Tibetan-inhabited area of China, the Meili Snow Mountain sits at the border of Yunnan and Tibet. Kawagarbo (6,740 metres or 22,112 feet) the highest peak of the mountain is also the highest point of Yunnan Province. The magnificent, mysterious mountain includes 13 peaks each of which is 6,000 metres (19,685 ft) above sea level. The Meili Snow Mountain is a famous pilgrimage destination of Tibetans from Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai, and Gansu etc.


No.7.Puzhehei Resort, Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture
It is a comprehensive tourism resort integrating Karst landforms, wetlands and ethnic culture in Southeast Yunnan. Due to its imposing pastoral sceneries, Puzhehei is deemed the Small Guilin.


No.6.Jizu Mt, Binchuan County, Dali Prefecture
A famous Buddhist mountain in China following Wutai Mt (Shanxi Province), Emei Mt (Sichuan Province), Putuo Mt (Zhejiang Province) and Jiuhua Mt (Anhui Province), the Jizu Mt has also enjoyed a wide fame in Southeast Asia. In the south of the mountain is a giant stone gate which is said to be the place where Mahakasyapa (one of the great 10 disciples of the Buddha) meditated.


No.5. Heshun Old Town, Tengchong County, Baoshan City
Known as one of the top 10 charming old towns in China, Heshun old town is highlighted by the local residences stretching 2-3 km from east to west. This small town has kept tens of ancient architectures that can date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the front of the town are the pastoral scenes of flat land, limpid riverlets, sweeping willows, and lotus flowers and fragrant osmanthus (in summertime) etc. Li Genyuan (1879-1965) the acting prime minister of the Republic of China once praised it as "the miniature of Suzhou and Hangzhou". 


No.4.Jade Dragon Snow Mt, Yulong County, Lijiang City
Located in Yulong County in Southwest Yunnan, its highest point is Shanzidou Peak (5,596 metres or 18,360 feet). Its name derives from its resemblance of a flying jade dragon. To the Naxi ethnic members, the Mountain is the avatar of their legendary protector Sanduo. Besides rich alpine fauna and flora resources, the mountain is also where rare modern marine glaciers are.


No.3.Hani Terraced Fields, Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture
One of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites in Yunnan Province, the Hani terraced fields mainly distribute on the southern bank of the Honghe River, covering the counties of Yuanyang, Honghe, Lvchun and Jinping etc. They are the most magnificent large-scale terraced fields in the world, and the biggest terrace's number on the mountain sides reaches as many as 3,000. Yuanyang, where there are about 0.17 million Mu (11,333 hectares), is the core area of the Hani terraced fields. These terraced fields are created by generations of Hani people.


No.2.Tropical Botanical Garden, Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture
This garden located in Menglun Town of Mengla County of Xishuangbanna Prefecture in South Yunnan is where Yunnan Tropical Plant Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science was founded in 1959 by China's famous botanist Cai Xitao (1911-1981). With a fertile land of 1,000 hectares, the park is home to 1,500 kinds of tropical plants. Today, it is such a scenic site that integrates sightseeing, scientific research, species preservation and science popularisation and education.


No.1.Stone Forest, Shilin County, Kunming City
A famous UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, the Stone Forest is situated in Shilin County of Kunming, with a total preservation area of about 350 sq km. The Stone Forest began to be formed in the Permian Period (dating back about 270mn years), and the major sights here are Karst formations. Besides, the Sani ethnic culture around the Stone Forest adds much to the appeal of the world's natural wonder.