Ancient Dian Kingdom Culture Tourism Town

Since the first phase of the project Colourful Yunnan • Ancient Dian Kingdom Culture Tourism Town was opened to pubic in November of 2015, visitors to and citizens of Kunming have been offered a brandnew destination to closely tour in the Dianchi Lake by enjoying a ride in the pleasure boats and battleships featuring ancient Dian style. 


The first phase of the project mainly includes two parts. One is the wharf, the other one is the wetland park. 

Set with the backdrop of the landscapes of the Dianchi Lake. the wharf is vividly claimed to be a carrier to display the "fishery culture" of the Ancient Dian Kingdom, and greatly enriches the "water culture" of the project. 

The 0.73-sq-km wetland park centralises on the ancient Dian culture, displaying the rich history of Yunnan Province. Inside the park are a 5.6-km walkway set for visitors to get around, and kiosks for visitors to have a rest. Strolling in the park, one will find many hydrophilous plants such as reeds, water lily, and weeping willow etc.

The most eye-catching sights in the whole touring area are the pleasure boats and battleships that have rejuvenated the scenes in the Dianchi Lake in the ancient times. Visitors can take a pleasure-boat ride which is worth the value of money (88 yuan/person). 


Add: Jincheng Town, Jinning County, Kunming (35 km from city proper)
Entry fee: the wetland park is free, pleasure-boat ride 88 yuan/person


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