Landmarks on the route of 2016 Kunming marathon running

2016 Kunming Half Marathon is to kick off at the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archways on 28 Feb.

The route of the running is set to go though symbolic landmarks and streets in the city of Kunming including the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Archways which were first built in the Ming Dynasty in the downtown. They are the traditional landmarks of Kunming offering visitors an unforgettable memory of Kunming. 


The East and West Pagodas are also included in the route of the running. These two pagodas are historical landmarks of Kunming since the Tang and Song dynasties.


The ending point of the event is the Haigeng Auditorium located beside the Haigeng Dike where visitors can enjoy the captivating views of the Dianchi Lake and West Mt.