China's first plateau aquarium opened to visitors in Kunming

The brand new aquarium was officially opened to visitors in early January, attracting thousands of citizens to take a tour to this site.

The aquarium is located in Chenggong which is now a new district at the east bank of the Dianchi Lake of Kunming. Covering about 13 hectares including 0.8 hectare for entertainment, the aquarium is the first one based on the plateau in China. 

So far, only the first stage of the aquarium is in operation, but it is quite a new site for local residents and visitors to enjoy. The construction of the following second stage of the aquarium will kick off in April 2016, and there will be marine life introduced such as dolphin and polar bear. Theme halls of the aquarium will feature otary, sharks, Zhonghua sturgeon, and penguin, and so on.

It is believed that the aquarium will be a highly expected experience for locals and visitors to Kunming. 

Add: Shilin St., Chenggong District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6746 9879

How to go there?
Public bus No C85, stop at Jingming South Road
Metro line No. 1, stop at Yikang South Road