Flowers that flourish in spring


(1)-Golden Temple Park Camellia Festival, Kunming
16 January-30 March
The Golden Temple Park is one of the beautiful gardens in Kunming, with a total camellia plantation latest developed into 67 hectares. Regarding the rich camellia variety (about 1,200 species) and the coverage, the park is proclaimed as the largest camellia garden in the world. The festival is set to kick off on 16 January, which means visitors can enjoy the beauty of the flourishing flowers in this garden. 


(2)-Zixi Mountain Camellia Festival
1-10 February, Chuxiong (150 Km)
The Zixi Mountain in Chuxiong Prefecture has a history of nearly 1,000 years for camellia plantation. It was also one of the sub-venues of the 2012 International Camellia Congress. The Zixi Mt camellia festival will be highlighted by cultural performances, camellia exhibition and sales, and Chinese traditional paintings and calligraphy exhibition etc.

How to go there
2)-Bus ride from Kunming West Bus Station


(3)-The 28th International Camellia Congress 
21-26 February, Dali (320 Km)
Dali in the northwest of Yunnan Province annually hosts a local orchid and camellia expo. However, the most expected event is the 28th International Camellia Congress set to take place during 21-26 February in Dali. 

How to go there
2)-Bus ride from Kunming West Bus Station


Canola Flowers

(1)-Luoping Canola Flowers Festival
February-March, Luoping (230 Km)
The 2016 Luoping International Canola Flowers Festival has been set to kick off on 8 February. With the Karst hills as the backdrop, tens of thousands of acres of canolas flourishing between February and March make a picturesque wonderland, for which Luoping is nicknamed the Biggest Natural Garden in the World. For the festival, there will be a series of events including cultural performances, cycling, and the traditional Buyi ethnic songfest (lunar 2 February, Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area) etc. 

How to go there
2)-Bus ride from Kunming East Bus Station


(2)-Tanglangchuan Area, Kunming
February-March, Anning (30 Km)
The Muyang Lake beside Tanglangchuan River 4 Km from Wenquan Town of Anning City in the west of Kunming has quite a plantation of canolas in spring and sunflowers in summer. Thanks to the flourishing flowers, this area is normally called the Golden Tanglangchuan. 

How to go there
1)-Bus ride from Xiaoximen of Kunming to Anning. 


Cherry Flowers

Early March is the best time for watching cherry flowers in Yuantong Zoo Park of Kunming. Public bus No. 4, 59, 74, 83, 101, stop at Yuantong Mt.