The Dian Style Chinese Restaurant

By Robert, an expat and long-time resident in Kunming


This charming Fuzhaolou Dian-Style Chinese Restaurant conveniently located near the City Centre deserves a visit.

The restaurant has been designed to provide a comfortable and cozy dining environment for guests and offers a variety of really good quality food. It has been designed and decorated with comfort and food service access in mind with a unique atmosphere. Of course all restaurants in Kunming attempt to do just this, but here the result is restrained and pleasant.


Most restaurants provide one or two at the most three good dishes and the rest one could probably prepare at home with a little patience and care.

Not so here. All dishes on offer have their own unique taste or flavor with the vegetables looking and tasting remarkably fresh. We ordered a variety of dishes including sliced green beans and shredded eggplant and found the latter to be quite special in appearance and taste.

We were provided with a small wooden tray of condiments and additives which really enhanced the dining experience and we agreed that we got value for money.

This restaurant is for serious eaters who want to give their guests a good time.


Add: 632, Beijing Rd.
Tel: 0871-65710158


Public bus No.236, 23, 61, stop at Fenghuangxincun
Metro line No. 2, stop at Fenghuangxincun

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