The local wholesome vegetarian meals

By Robert, an expat and long-time resident in Kunming


We recently had lunch at this vegetarian restaurant which is appropriately called "The Green Garden Restaurant". The restaurant is managed by a non-profit organisation who provides fresh wholesome vegetarian meals including seasonal fruit for people of modest means. Patrons have a choice of eight or nine courses prepared from fresh ingredients and can eat as much as they like for the small sum of RMB 10. There is a clean tidy communal dining room with another dining space in front of the restaurant in the laneway.


We were impressed by the quality variety and taste of the food available. The service was polite and the food was replenished promptly. Visitors to this restaurant will see the ingredients neatly stacked at the entrance to the restaurant. Reasonably or perhaps even competitively priced condiments and snacks are also on sale. The restaurant was busy and is patronised by a large cross section of people from all walks of life.


The restaurant is a short walk away a bus stop and is located in a shopping centre in a broad paved walkway between two apartment buildings.


We recommend this restaurant which provides hot fresh day to day food with no surprises. It needs and deserves the support of the public and is unquestionably value for money.


How to go there?
Public bus No. 61, K1, 79, stop at Linyun Road