The Yi ethnic Yueqin lute

The Yueqin lute which is normally round and octagonal is one of the traditional musical instruments of the Yi ethnic group in Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces. As for Kunming, It is also very popular in the counties of Shilin and Yiliang.

The octagonal Yueqin instrument

This kind of delicate instrument can be played solo or together with other instruments for a dance performance. It is common in Kunming to see groups of people dancing to the music of the Lute in many parks and gardens such as the Green Lake.

The round Yueqin instrument

Traditionally, the Yueqin instrument plays a very important part of the life of the Yi people, especially in celebrations, festivals and even the recreation activities. Cute and delicate, the Yueqin instrument with exquisite workmanship is what visitors to Kunming feel like to buy as souvenir.