The Yi ethnic Sanxian musical instrument

During the celebrations and festivals in Shilin area of Kunming, several traditional musical instruments are played by local artists most of whom are from Yi ethnic communities and villages around. These instruments include the three-stringed guitar (locally called Sanxian), Moon-shaped lute (locally called Yueqin) and flutes etc. When choreographed with the grand, traditional dances, these folk instruments make celebrations and festivals more joyous with strong Yi ethnic features. 


Big three-stringed guitar (locally called Dasanxian)
Made of wood, iron sheet and sheepskin, the most popular instrument has a 2 metres long handle and three strings. Normally it is decorated with red, yellow and green ribbons. Bi Guangming is the famous master making Dasanxian in the Bamao Village 2.5 hour's drive from Shilin county seat. His masterpieces are perfect aesthetically, with the vivid designs of tiger head, torch, the Moon and seashells etc.

It is the favourite of men, and because it only gives out two major guitar riffs, people can master at playing it easily even simply trained. When dozens of Dasanxian instruments are played to go with the dance, a splendid show kicks off, drawing attention of many, and people can't help joining in. 

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