Wanjiahuan Blueberry Manor

Beginning in 2008, the Taiwan Agriculture Pioneer Park in Shilin County has attracted 43 enterprises based on the Wanjiahuan Blueberry Manor which is essentially a blueberry plantation, as well as a charming scenic attraction with high quality facilities for visitors with an interest in agro-tourism.

The 370-hectare manor comprises an orchard with a plant nursery, a research facility for breeding high quality eco-friendly fruit and vegetable plants and an entertainment area. Depending on the season visitor can sample and buy about 12 varieties of fruit and 40 varieties of vegetables. In the spring, cherries and blueberries, in the summer nectarines, plums, apricots and red bayberries along with grapes, in the autumn pears and apples and in the winter, winter peach. All fruit and vegetables are cultivated in an eco-friendly environment.

However, the main attraction is blueberries of which there are as many as a hundred different varieties. 

The manor is 8 km from Shilin Railway Station, 8 km from the Major Stone Forest, or 4 km from the Naigu Stone Forest. It has 50 hotel rooms inside and serves 100% ecological food. 


Add: 1 Alishan Road, Taiwan Agriculture Pioneer Park, Shilin County, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6771 7999, 6771 7668

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