Beidaying Grassland

A very rare gem among the rugged Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the 1,200-hectare Beidaying grassland is 23 km northeast Xundian County, 2 hours' drive from downtown Kunming. 

Beidaying village is located in the mountain-surrounded basin of Hekou Town in the northeast of Xundian. Due to its agriculture-oriented economy, there is no industrial pollution, no high architectures, and the ecology is well maintained. The biggest enjoyment for visitors get here includes horse riding, camping, barbeque and grass skiing.  


Best time
The period between April and July is the best, and from October to November visitors can enjoy the autumn view inside.


The grassland is a little far away from the town, some local families run inns. 


Bus ride from Kunming North Bus Station, 80 minutes, 25 yuan


Local bus from Xundian county seat, departure at 14:00, 70 minutes, 15 yuan

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