The Miao ethnic Huashan festival

In Kunming, the Miao people mainly live in Luquan Yi and Miao autonomous county, Xundian Hui and Yi autonomous county, and Lubiao Town of Anning city.

The Miao ethnic members in Kunming area

Also locally called Tiaochang, Tiaohua, Shuahuashan and Caihuashan etc, the Huashan festival is the grandest event of the Miao ethnic group. In Kunming, the three-day event mainly takes place in the counties of Luquan, Xundian and Lubiao Town of Anning, but the date differs according to the different branches and locations of the Miao. For example, the event in Luquan and Xundian normally set to be held around lunar 5 May during the Dragon Boat Festival, and the event in Mimalong of Lubiao Town of Anning is set to take place during lunar 1-16 January.

The tug of war

The festival perfectly organises the Miao ethnic traditional sport games such as Climbing the Flower Pole, buffalo fighting, rooster fighting, and tug of war etc. Locals also organise a series of intangible cultural heritage show including the making of Lusheng instrument, embroidering, and the making of crossbow etc.

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