In pictures: the Green Lake Park in autumn

The Green Lake Park is the favourite of most local residents and even visitors to Kunming. Pictured is the withered lotus leaves and the red leaves in the park. 


In autumn, the breathtaking views are of course the gingko trees. The photo was taken with the reflection of the glass tea table at the bank of the lake where visitors are yachting. 


Every day, there are various cultural performances put on by both amateur and retired artists.


A lady in her 70s is playing on the panotron in the park.


While some other people are dancing to the rhythm of the Moon Guitar which is a traditional musical instrument in Kunming and other parts of Yunnan. 


500 metres from the lake is the campus of Yunnan University where lots of visitors rush to see the yellow gingko leaves in the early November. (Photo courtesy Adam Yang)

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