The small-feet dance troupe

Xiaojie Town (55 km from Kunming) of Songming County (30 km from Kunming) has been deemed the Hometown of Dragon-Lion Dance for at least 200 years. Among the 40 plus local amateur troupes, the most famous is the locally called Small-feet Troupe the members of which are from Agulong Village and aged between 69 and 78. Their performances were once recorded as videos by media from the USA, Germany and Brazil etc. 


Established in the 1980s, the 20-strong troupe is traditionally associated with local culture and history of Songming though the feet-binding has been discarded since the establishment of the PRC in 1949.


Whenever grand festivals such as the Spring Festival take place, one of the cultural performances is the traditional dragon dance and of course in Songming it is the show time of the small-feet troupe, but some members of the troupe have quit because of aging.


Songming County
One of the counties under jurisdiction of Kunming City, Songming which is a Model Green City of China is 30 km from Kunming downtown. It is an important cradle of the Dian culture as well as the hometown of Lan Mao (1397-1470) who is a reputed Chinese herbalist and poet in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Yunnan Province Flower Demonstration Zone located in Xiaojie Town (55 km from downtown) of Songming County is one of the most important flower plantation bases around Kunming.