5 places for shopping around in Kunming

If you have a day shopping around in the city of Kunming, these FIVE places are the best choices, and you can precisely schedule up your timetable starting in the early morning in the Green Lake.


The Green Lake (early morning)
The most visited park in Kunming, the Green Lake is where visitors enjoy the local life such as morning exercising and amateur music show. Conveniently accessible to dozens of restaurants, bars and tea houses, the Lake is very close to such sites as Yunnan University, the History Museum of Yunnan Military School and the Yuantong Buddhist Temple.


Haigeng Dike (morning)
At the bank of the Dianchi Lake, it offers a nice look up to the West Mountain. What is more is that in winter it is the best place to feed the red-beaked seagulls that fly to Kunming from Siberia to spend winter.


Dongsi Street (noon)
Not far from the shopping mall of the Nanping Pedestrian Street and the Old Quarter of Kunming, it is one of the must-visits for what it is named after: the Dongsi and Xisi pagodas. 


Chajie Street (afternoon)
Know for the Chajie flower market. Sites nearby include the City Museum of Kunming and the Zhenqing Taoist Temple on the Tuodong Road. 


Wenhuaxiang Alley (evening)
The "Foreigners Street of Kunming", highlighted by boutique stores and restaurants including South Korean and Japan cuisine etc. It is most suitable for young travellers to go because there is a night market and bars nearby. Sites near the campus of Yunnan University.