Anning of Kunming to hold motocross in October

A motocross is to take place during 1-3 October at the Daheishan Mt of Bajie Town of Anning city in the west of Kunming. (Photo by Jiang Hua)


The event will be joined by more than 100 professional racers from all over China. The climax of the motocross will be the challenge on 3 October at the place called Wangtianpo where racers will brave three 60-plus-degree slopes the longest of which is 200 metres. Visitors to the event can also enjoy the activities including bonfire parties and camping.


About Bajie Town of Anning
As the largest town in Anning, Bajie Town is the goods distribution center for the surrounding counties of Kunming since the ancient times. It was a rest place for horse caravans and travelling merchants in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), then a street was formed here and the trading dates were fixed down gradually.


The Sanhe Temple in Bajie Town is one of the well preserved ancient architectural complexes in Kunming, the inside Confucian temple buildings were built in the early Qing Dynasty, and rebuilt in the first year of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1875), and has been rebuilt for several times later. 


Currently Bajie Town mainly plants flue-cured tobacco, roses, red pear, shallow water lotus root, vegetables and other economic crops. Fruits of the four seasons are smelled in this small primitive town. 


33 km from Anning, Public bus No. 9 from Anning Station to Bajie Town (about RMB 10 Yuan)