The Bamboo Temple

Called "Qiong Zhu Si" in Chinese, this is the first Zen Buddhist Temple in Yunnan built over 700 years ago during the Tang Dynasty and is situated in the tranquil forests on Mt Yu'an12 km north west of Kunming. The existing structures which mostly date from the late Qing Dynasty contain numerous antiquities which are on display including the famous five hundred lively and colorful clay sculptures of Buddhist Arhats, each about one meter tall. They were created by the famous folk clay sculpture master from Sichuan Province Mr Li Guangxiu and his five apprentices over a period of seven years. 

These Arhats stand in rows beside the central Buddha and each has a unique and distinctive expression, gesture and pose reflecting a very broad and realistic range of personalities and occupations and of course no two are the same. Visitors will be treated to what is truly a beautiful and unique collection of Oriental Art which are appropriately described as "sculptured pearls".

Add: At Yu'an Mt, west suburb of Kunming

Tel: 0871-68181881
Admission fee: 6 yuan/person


(1)-Public bus No. 7, stop at Heilinpu Neighbourhood, then transfer
(2)-Tour bus ride available at Yunnan Artistic House at Dongfeng Rd.

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