Wild mushrooms, the ultimate delicacy

Almost every town in Yunnan has a number of restaurants with a large variety of wild mushrooms preparations on the menu. Kunming has whole streets of restaurants which specialise in a bewildering variety of fresh wild fungi and certainly the best restaurants in Kunming are famous for their high quality traditional mushroom banquets. 

Boletus, Russula virescens and Cantharellus cibarius Fr etc are most popular among wild edible mushrooms in Kunming

The peak season for harvesting wild mushrooms is from June to September when it rains, and those of us who travel around the province on its excellent bus system are used to seeing farmers with really large baskets of this rare and expensive treat transporting them to the mushroom market near Kunming's International Exhibition and Convention Centre. 

Among the assorted wild mushrooms, Sparassidaceae is the most expensive, followed by Matsutake and Collybia albuminosa

Yunnan's climate topography and vegetation cover has for centuries provided the ideal conditions for the growth of high quality wild mushrooms with their unique taste and flavor. Yunnan is the principle producer and exporter of assorted mushrooms in China, accounting for 70% of China's mushroom output, especially the Mutsutaki variety which is mostly exported to more than 40 countries in the world as well as to other parts of China. Along with tobacco and coffee, the wild mushrooms account for a significant proportion of Yunnan's agricultural products. 

The counties of Nanhua (180 km from Kunming) and Yimen (90 km from Kunming) host grand mushroom festivals each year. And for visitors to Kunming, the best fine dining is to be had in the Guanshang Area adjacent to the market where dozens of restaurants offer customers a large variety of excellent wild mushrooms dishes prepared in the traditional ways including the hot pot.


Two recommended plans for wild mushrooms in Kunming 
(1).Guanshang area in the city of Kunming
Public bus No. 122, stop at Baohai Park; No. A8, stop at Baohai Road 


(2).Qiexi Village of Yiliang County
95 km to the Northeast of Kunming, Qiexi is the most popular destination for wild edible mushrooms in summer in the vicinity of Kunming. It is 29 km from Yiliang County seat and 8 km from the Dadieshui Waterfall of Shilin County. 80% of the villagers belong to the Sani branch of the Yi ethnic group.