Kunming Natural History Museum of Zoology

The palaeobios exhibition area

Yunnan is frequently referred to "The Kingdom of Animals". Though its total area is just 4% of that of China, it is home to 50% of China's insects, 42% of its fresh-water fishes, 40% of its reptiles, 40% of its amphibians, 64% of its birds and 50% of its beasts. This is principally due to Yunnan's unique location and geology and diverse eco environment. Yunnan is an important destination for scientists and zoologists from China and the rest of the world.

The skeletons of modern creatures

Since August 1998, the Kunming Institute of Zoology has maintained and curated an exhibition called "The Kingdom of Animals" based on its collection and its accumulated research and resources over the past 50 years. This exhibition is open to the public and is the largest of its kind in the southwest of China.

The insects exhibition area

As important part of the museum, the Specimen Hall was built in 1959, and has on display a large and unique collection of over 700,000 well preserved specimens of creatures which are native to Yunnan and Southwest China in a area of 2,100-sq-m which includes 441 type-specimens and 5,161 sub-species from nearly all regions in Yunnan and its neighboring provinces and regions in China.

The birds exhibition area

Visitors Instruction

Taking photo is allowed in the museum, but don't use the flashlight


Add: 32, Jiaochangdong Rd, Kunming 
Tel: 0871-6519 9680
Ticket: 20 yuan/person

Open Hour
09:00-17:00, Tue-Sun (except public holidays)


Public bus No. 92, 115, 139, 146, stop at Jiaochangdong Road