The Dongchuan Redlands

By Robert, an expatriate and long-time resident in Kunming

The Dongchuan Redlands as they are commonly known are located in a beautiful natural tranquil pastoral setting surrounded by mountains about 250 kilometres from Kunming in Huashitou, Xinxiang Town, Dongchuan District.  The Redland extend for about 50 km at an altitude of around 1,800 -2,600 meters.

Although Redlands are found in many countries where the soil is rich in iron, the unique climate in this region, given the temperature and rainfall and continuous cultivation for centuries has, accelerated the oxidation of the iron ore in the soil, resulting in a rich red colour which is unique to this region.

Local farmers cultivate a variety of crops, mainly corn, barley and wheat simultaneously, and these crops along with the mountains in the background, the standing trees and the topography provide a colourful and dramatic frame or border for those fields in which potatoes are grown or which have yet to be sown. The overall effect is spectacular and unique. The light at sunrise and sunset provides a soft illumination which highlights the contrast between the green and yellow standing crops, the stands of trees and the red fields without crop cover.


Visitors in the summer and autumn will not be disappointed.