Which festivals can we go, besides China-South Asia Expo?

Butterfly Gathering (Hu Die Hui)
Date: 1 June
Place: Butterfly Spring Park, Dali (4 hours' drive from Kunming)
Taking place on lunar 15 April each year, the festival is said to memorialize the loyalty of two Bai ethnic youths for their love. During this time period each year, masses of butterflies gather near the Butterfly Spring for mating, creating a miracle and thus the name. 


Bai Ethnic Raosanling Festival
Date: 9 June
Place: Qingdong Village, Xizhou Town, Dali (4 hours' drive from Kunming)
Called "Guan Shang Lan" in the Bai ethnic dialect, the three-day festival is in fact a tradition of the Bai people during the slack season as well as a praying ceremony before planting rice. Folk performances include the Bai ethnic anti-phonal singing, and many dance programmes. 


2015 China-South Asia Expo
Date: 12-16 June, 2015
Place:  Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Kunming, Yunnan
Since 2013, the China-South Asia Expo was held in Kunming, coinciding with Kunming Import and Export Fair. In 2013 and 2014, the expo was widely joined by businesses from more than 40 countries, and provinces and regions of China including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The foreign trade volume of the expo in the past two years hit over 38 bln USD, and the number of cooperative projects signed at the expo reached at least 900, involving 1,246 bln RMB (appr. 200 bln USD). 


In 2015, the China-South Asia Expo is expected to become a win-win platform of bilateral diplomacy, economics and trade cooperation, and culture exchange for China and other parts of the world besides South Asia and Southeast Asia countries.


Golden Mango Tourism Culture Festival

Competition of eating mangos 

Date: 12-14m June
Place: Yuanjiang County (3 hours' drive from Kunming)
Each June is when the mangos are ripe in Yuanjiang County which is situated in the Honghe River valley and is called the Sun City in China as well as a place of the sweetest mangos. In addition to mangos, other local fruits in Yuanjiang include leechee, plum, peach, jackfruits, and dragon fruits etc. An extraordinary fruits-themed festival awaits you in Yuanjiang.


Pumi Ethnic Valentine's Day

The Lover Trees 

Date: 20 June
Place:  Luoguqing, Lanping County, Nujiang (8 hours' drive from Kunming)
Dubbed as the oriental Valentine's Day, the festival is celebrated in the picturesque alpine meadows of Luoguqing Valley by the Pumi people living in Lijiang, Dali, and Nujiang. In Luoguqing Valley, there are two 30-meter firs which are deemed the Lover Trees by the Pumi people, and the broad alpine meadow is called the Lovers Basin.


Tibetan Horse Racing Festival 
Date: 20 June
Place: Shangri-La (1 hour flight from Kunming)
A long-time tradition of the local Tibetans to celebrate the horse racing festival during the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival in Shangri-La. Plus the exciting horse racing, there are assorted traditional sports games including crossbow shooting and Tibetan costume show etc. 


Flower Festival of Yiliang
Date: 20 June
Place: Yiliang County Seat, Kunming (1 hour's drive from downtown )
It is a local tradition of Yiliang County to organise this event during the Dragon Boat Festival. Themed by flowers, visitors have a great opportunity to admire and buy a large variety of potted flowers, bonsais, and to participate in and enjoy various cultural activities.