Outdoors: Beidaying Grass Mount

Xundian Bei Da Ying Grassland, located in the northeast of Xundian County, 23 kilometers away from the county town, covering 18,000 mu of ecological pasture, is a complex integrating sightseeing, tourism and leisure vacation. Major tourist programs include the meadow film and television base, western town, jockey club, grass skiing, golf, cross-country jeep, hot air balloon, etc. Wide meadows and random hills show a peaceful landscape of "the wind lowering grass to show the herds". 


Add: Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County.


Kunming-Qujing Expressway - Songming, Choose Xundian direction at Xiaojie, off the expressway at Jinsuo, then towards Xundian county town, then towards northeast, through Xiaojie Village - Hekou Town - Bei Da Ying.