Outdoors: Horseshoe Canyon

Horseshoe (Mati) River originates in Malong County, running towards south into Yiliang County, nourishing the Karst hilly terrain in northern Yiliang. Horseshoe Canyon is a deep hidden, inaccessible, untapped virgin land. 


It consists of three small scenic areas, i.e. Branch River Section, Da Die Shui River Section, and River Bend Section, respectively. The river valley is flanked by plants and trees, and the mountain views, vegetation and drifting section along with the green mosses on gurgling stream give outdoor aficionados fascinating experience.


Add: Ge Jia Ying, Yiliang County, Kunming


About 45 km on Kunming-Shilin Expressway, off at Yiliang exit, 13 km on Yiliang-Jiuxiang Highway, 12 km on Y055 Highway, finally 3.5 km on Y056 Highway.

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