Outdoors: Wanxichong Pear Orchard

The orchard connects with Chenggong District in the north and Liangwang Mt in the south with an altitude of over 2000 meters. The area has vertical climate. Exactly thanks to the climate features, there grows thousands acres of pears.

In springtime, it is a world of pear blossoms. Visitors can't help marvel at the blossoms and the scent of the amazing flowers. During the season of pear harvesting, isn’t it delightful to pick the pears by hand?


Address: Wanxichong Community, Wujiaying Neighborhood, Chenggong District
Tel.: 0871-6746 2358


Take the No. 223 Bus Line at the stop of Yunnan Nationalities University to the stop of Wanxichong Village.

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