Shopping around: Major Shopping Centers in Kunming

Shuncheng Shopping Center
Open for 24 hours with rich business to meet the need of different consumer groups, it will bring you an unprecedented experience. Soft light, charming smile and dazzling showcases make you linger around.


Add: No. 11, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6610 7777


Public bus No. 10, 52, K13, 124, 82, 84, 116 from Kunming city center to Nanping Street West stop, walk for 50m


Food nearby
Self-seeking Cooking, Biansuo Restaurant, Shiwei Restaurant (Shuncheng Outlet), Korean Pot, Chongqing Small Swan Hot Pot, Grandma's Kitchen


Sightseeing nearby
Dongsi Street, Nanping Pedestrian Street, Jin Ma Fang, Wangfujing Department Store, Brilliant Plaza, Baida Xintiandi, Kunming Department Store


Colorful MeTown Shopping Center
It is located in the Baita Road business circle; with trendy fashion clothing, sweet and tempting food, fresh and dynamic game and extreme performance, exciting movie, elegant art exhibition. Joy never exits the Seven Color Me Town Shopping Center. 


Add: No. 298 Baita Road, Panlong District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6398 1111



Public bus No. 57, 47, 54, K9, 108, 132, 237, stop at Baita Road Crossing (East Renmin Road), then walk about 50m


Food nearby
Mom Pay Restaurant, Great Red Gate, Cheche Western Restaurant, Tasteful Side Dish Restaurant, Huaji Kitchen, Helv Sushi, Yunnan Flavor Restaurant, and Have A Cup of Tea Restaurant, etc.


Sightseeing nearby
Gingko Department Store, Kunming Theatre, Kunming City Museum, Zhenqing Taoist Temple


South Asia Town
It consists of shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, tourism, social contact, business, etc, commits to provide consumers with one-stop service. A lot of things are here for you to choose in a quiet atmosphere.


Add: No. 568, Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming
Tele: 0871-6464 1111, 6464 9999


Public bus No. 109, 152, 166, 210, 233, K15, 120, 44, 73 from Kunming city center to Fuhai Township stop, then walk about 150 meters


Food nearby
Happy Seafood, Taipei Steak, Pleasure Island, Pizza Hut


Sightseeing nearby
Dianchi Lake, Haigeng Dike


New Luosiwan International Trade Center
It is a rarely seen large market, trying to create a national level trading port, a direct internationalization marketing platform for exhibiting and selling goods. Anything you want is available here beyond your thought.


Add: No. 5151, Caiyun North Road, Hongren Section, New Kunluo Road, Guandu District, Kunming

Tel: 0871-6733 7777


Public bus No. 170, 213, 154, 103, 149, 165, 185, 198, 902, 905 from Kunming city center to New Luosiwan Bus Terminal

Or drive to the underground or upstairs parking of New Luosiwan International Trade Center


Food nearby
Fang's Farmhouse, Delicious Soup Goose, Genuine Fuyuan Sauerkraut Pig Feet.


Sightseeing nearby
Chenggong New City, University Town


Brilliant Plaza
It is located in the center of Kunming, gathering Parkson Department Stores, fitness centers and clubs, famous brands of clothing, western restaurants, Carnival Paradise and similar modern consumption business, giving you a modern, advanced and comfortable experience. It is the coordinate of Kunming fashion and the center of popularity as well as the first choice for leisure and shopping.
Add: No. 6, Sanshi Street, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6363 6685


Public bus No. 3, 4, 98, 62, 84, 82, 10, A1, 107, K12 from Kunming city center to Jin Ma Fang stop, walk about for 100m


Shopping nearby
Jin Bi Hui Huang Shopping Center, Nanping Pedestrian Street


Jinbi Shopping Mall
With strong national features and diverse architectural styles, it is a tourism cultural shopping mall covering culture, tourism, commerce, entertainment, catering, and leisure. Jewelry and jade are its main business.


Add: Jinbi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6361 9908


Bus A1, 3, 4, K11, K12, 62, 73, 90, 98, 107, 109, 206, 213 from Kunming city center to Jin Ma Bi Ji Fang stop.


Food nearby
Ruan Family Dai Taste, Jianxin Restaurant (Jin Bi), Purple Restaurant, Huaxi Wang's Beef Rice Noodle, Growth Ring Restaurant, Xiangyun Food Street


Sightseeing nearby
Jingxing Flower-and-Bird Market, Nanping Street, Jin Ma Fang, Jinri Tower, Dongsi Pagoda


Jiameng Flower Market
A brand flower market in Kunming, besides fresh cutting flower, dried flower, simulation flower and other flower products, it also trades Yunnan precious medicinal materials, local products, fruits, art crafts and tea etc.


Add: No. 288, Fude Road, Guandu District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6352 9536


Public bus No. 110, 118, 122, 154, 171, 78, A2, C13, A8, A9 from Kunming city center to Yinyuan Residential District stop, then 3 minutes' walk


Food nearby
Taste World Hot Pot, Gold Sun Spicy Crab, Southland Seafood, Xinglong Beef Rice Noodle


Sightseeing nearby
Baohai Park, Guandu Ancient Town


Lianmeng • Shangyi Flower Market
It is the largest professional flower wholesale market in Kunming with the most complete category of flowers. Flowers here are casually packed by paper, natural, pure and fresh than in the flower shop. 


Add: No. 99, Lianmeng Road, Panlong District, Kunming


Public bus No. 25, 79, 57, 91, 119, 158 from Kunming city center to Chuanjin Road stop, then walk for 200m


Food nearby
Jingpo Family, Gejiu Tuanshan Wang's Small Yellow Cow Rice Noodle, Fuzhao Tower Boiler Chicken Restaurant, Great Yunnan Park, Pickled Radish Wujiang River Fish Hot Pot, Feiyang Tappasaki, Jindaiyuan Restaurant


Sightseeing nearby
Yuantong Temple


Kangle Tea Market
It is trying to create the first tea culture enterprise in Yunnan. Here you can have a cup of tea, buy tea, get to know about tea history, category, understand the tea culture, tea art; it is a paradise for tea lovers.


Add: No. 188, Middle Section of Guannan Avenue, Guandu District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6552 9133


Public bus No. 32, 154, 161, A8, C85 from Kunming city center to Shidaifenghua Residential District bus stop


Food nearby
Mom Pay Restaurant, Taipei Tiantian Restaurant


Sightseeing nearby
Guandu Ancient Town


Bailong Bird and Flower Market
Shops and stores stand in great numbers with a sea of faces in this half a kilometer long narrow and small street. Here it is the paradise for "flower, bird, insect, and fish" in every sense. At the same time, it is a concentrated folk antiques & curio trading place in Kunming. 


Add: Bailong Road, Panlong District, Kunming


Public bus No. 22, 47, 55, 69, 70, 72, 75, A1, Z5, 132, 182, 235 from Kunming city center to Shizha Flyover (Bailong Road) stop, then walk for 100m


Food nearby
Xuanwei Old Ham Restaurant, Chongqing Chubby Mom Hot Pot, Li Chaoyuan Korea Food, Chongqing Wangwang Hot Pot Restaurant, Tan’s Fish Head Hot Pot


Sightseeing nearby
Kunming Expo Garden, Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza, Gingko Shopping Center, Carrefour Supermarket


Kunming Jade City
Showing and selling jade and jewelry, the Jade City is well facilitated with complete infrastructure, integrating with food, lodging and tour. There are a big variety of jades, both for wholesale and retail.


Add: Huayugou Shiguan Sub-district, Ciba, Panlong District


Bus L1 to Botanic Garden stop


Food nearby
Qingzhuyuan Restaurant, Ronghe Restaurant, Dai Restaurant


Shopping highlights
Jadeite, jade, crafts, etc


Sightseeing nearby
Kunming Botanical Garden, Black Dragon Pool Park