Colorful Yunnan

Colorful Yunnan is a super big tourist shopping centre as well as an scenic site by the side of Kunming-Shilin Highway, owning the one hundred-year-old tea brand Qing Feng Xiang. What can be bought in it includes silver, jade, Yunnan specialties, all of which are in different pricing levels. Inside Colorful Yunnan, there is also a Peacock Garden with flourishing woods, tall bamboo groves, and more than 1,000 domesticated peacocks.


Add: 12 km at Shilin-Anning Highway in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone
Tel: 0871-6742 6816


Public bus No. A7 from Kunming city center, stop at Colorful Yunnan

Drive to the parking lot of Colorful Yunnan


Food nearby
Yi Xin Restaurant


Sightseeing nearby
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