Expo Jixin Restaurant

It is the first restaurant in Yunnan in which dining is accompanied by singing and dancing. The specialty is Bridge-Crossing Rice Noodles. Moreover, it combines the Long Street Feast of Hani Nationality, Bride Marrying Liquor of Dai Nationality, Three Sets of Dishes of Naxi Nationality, Steamed Pork Belly of Yi Nationality into Jixin banquet dance. As you watch Jixin banquet dance, you can taste all the delicious food of Yunnan.


Add: No. 431, Bailong Road, Panlong District, Kunming
Tel: 0871-6501 3777
Cost about RMB 130

Take No. 47 Bus and get off at Expo Jixin Restaurant stop.


Recommended Food
Steam Pot Chicken, Qilin Sword-Shaped Pork, Dai-Flavored Shrimps


Sightseeing nearby: Kunming Expo Garden, Golden Temple Scenic and Historic Interest Area

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