Jingpo Ethnic Cuisine Restaurant

It integrates characteristic flavors of Jingpo Nationality, Dai Nationality, De'ang Nationality, and Achang Nationality cuisine. There are three major brands, respectively "Jingpo Cuisine Specialty Restaurant", "Specialty Hot Pot", "Specialty Soup".


Add: 1/F, Guangye Building, No. 310, Jinbi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming (Jinbi Branch)
Tel: 0871-63116466 (Jinbi Branch)


Take No. 3, 4 Bus and get off at Deshengqiao (Jinbi Road) stop.


Recommended Food
Cold Shredded Black-Boned Chicken, Sapie (Cold Meat with Special Dressing), Pineapple Rice, Jingpo Pork Ribs, Sautéed Chicken with Black Fungus.


Sightseeing nearby: Jin Ma Fang, Tongren Street

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