Pearl Pear

Besides Dounan flowers, Chenggong of Kunming is known for another famous specialty, the Pearl Pear or Baozhu Pear.


With thin peel, this kind of juicy fruit tastes very tender and sweet, and its biggest weight can reach 500 grammes. Among various kinds of pears in Yunnan Province, the Pearl Pear undoubtedly tops others. 


It is said that the name of Chenggong originates from the Pearl Pear. In the Dali Kingdom period, a Buddhist master named Baozhu came to Shanchan City (nowadays Kunming) to preach. With him, he brought Snow Pear seedlings from Dali and grafted them with local pear trees, succeeding in making a kind of quality pear. In honor of the Buddhist master, local people named this kind of new pear-Baozhu Pear which was then was brought to the capital as tribute for the imperial court. The name Chenggong was then bestowed (Cheng Gong in Chinese means paying tributes to the imperial court)

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