Kunming, the home of the Flying Tigers

By Ma Tongchun, a local resident and senior English-speaking tour guide with over 30 years of professional experience. 


2015 is the 70th anniversary of the war against the Japanese aggressor and the WWII against the fascists. We’ll never forget those who helped us Chinese in critical situation.


Most people usually like to learn something about American Flying Tigers when visiting Kunming. Here, I only focus on the traces of the Flying Tigers (AVG) in the city of Kunming.

Historic events of the Flying Tigers
1-In late 1936, MM. Jiang sent an invitation to Chennault to China for his study tour.

2-1937.5.1, Chennault started his journey to China for his 8 years air fight.

3-In Autumn 1937, Chennault set up a Pilot School in Kunming SE suburb (Wujiaba Airport). 
4-In early 1940, General Chennault set up AMERICAN VOLUNTEER GROUP (AVG) in Kunming.
5-In Autumn 1941, AVG pilots shot down JP air-fighters, and followed in 31 fights, 217 JP fighters were shot down, only with 14 AVG aircrafts loss, 5 pilots killed and 1 captured.
6-1942.7.4, AVG changed its name into US No.14 Air-Force going on officially fighting JP. 
7-1945.8.15, JP Mikado Hirohito announced unconditional surrender, and China won the war over JP. AVG completed its historic mission. 


Flying Tigers' traces in Kunming
1-Wujiaba Airport: AVG Airport during the World Ⅱ.


2-Kunming Army Academy Bagongli: the Headquarter of AVG.
3-148 Xiangzhangjunyuan Minghanglu: the AVG Barracks. 

4-48 Xiangyunjie St.: AVG Reserve Office

5-Office Building of No.14 Metallurgical Construction Company: AVG Hostel at 218 Dianmian Dadao, Xizhan, Kunming

6- Chennault office: West style house at Eastside of Dongfeng Square(Beijing RD).

7-Kunming Lvguan (Tangzixiang): AVG club.
8-Chenggong Airport: Second AVG Airport 
9-Jiaoyegongyuan Park: Hump flight Monument.
10-Haifengyuan at Yangzonghai Lake: AVG Holiday Resort.


Nowadays, we can go and visit some of the places, and I strongly suggest 1, 4, 5, 8, and 9 accordingly. Another place is the Flying Tigers Exhibition Hall in Kunming City Museum.