3-day Redland Photographing Tour to Dongchuan, Kunming

Dubbed as the palette of the earth, Red Land in Dongchuan District of Kunming is an ideal destination of photographers who are in search of exquisite works. 


All the year round. Generally speaking, one would absolutely shoot different views in four seasons of the year. Spring: flowers of potatoes and highland buckwheat grown by the local peasants. Summer: stripes of gleaming plastic films that look like woodcuts. Autumn: patches of canola flowers and sunset glow. Winter: snow.


The Red Land is on the plateau with an altitude of 2,400 meters above the sea level; it could be undoubtedly deemed to be cold or even frigid as the temperature varies much within the day.


Day 1- Five hours' drive to Xintian and Fazhe via Aziying; accommodation in Fazhe Town


Day 2- Whole-day photographing in Fazhe, Xintian and Damakan; accommodation in Fazhe Town


Day 3- Photographing in Niujie and "Solitary Tree"; drive back to Kunming in the afternoon; accommodation in Kunming.