Green Land Hotel

Yunnan Green Land Hotel is a deluxe business hotel located close several Kunming top attractions just 2 kilometers from the railway station. On offer are various well-appointed suites and rooms. Newly designed business-floor rooms are also fully equipped.


There are some easy-to-go sites near the hotel including Kunming City Museum, Zhenqing Taoist Temple and a shopping centre.


Add: 80, Tuodong Rd, Kunming (on the opposite of Zhenqing Taoist Temple)
Tel: 0871-6318 9999

2 km from Kunming Railway Station, 1 hour drive from Kunming Changshui International Airport.

Nearby sites: Zhenqing Taoist Temple, former site of Zhuanyuanlou Pavilion, Kunming City Museum, Nanping Pedestrian Street, Jingxing Free Market

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