A bite of Kunming: top six traditional snacks and delicacies

Steam Boiler Chicken
Steam boiler chicken is named after the cooking utensil, pottery steam boilers made in Jianshui County to the south of Kunming. First, put the seasoned chicken in the boiler, put the boiler into a big pottery and cover it. Then, steam and boil the chicken with big fire for four hours. The steam goes into the boiler through a pipe in the middle of the bottom. While cooking the chicken, the steam is congealed into water pearl to become the broth. The bones and meat of the chicken are separated after cooking and the soup is fresh and delicious, remaining the original taste and nutrition of the chicken. 

Available in most traditional restaurants like Fu Zhao Lou and Brothers Jiang


Cheese Cake (Feta)
Besides the picturesque Karst landform Stone Forest, Shilin County also teems with cheese cakes. Cheese cakes are made of fresh sheep milk. With thick fragrance of milk and rich nutrition, they are used to make various delicacies. For example, cheese cake slices steamed together with Xuanwei ham are very delicious. In addition, cheese cakes cooked by roasting, frying, and boiling have different tastes.

Available in restaurants near Jiuxiang Karst Caves and the Stone Forest


Yiliang Roast Duck 
Yiliang Roast Duck has got a history of over 600 years. This savory dish can be on a par with Beijing Roast Duck. The Roast Duck can be divided into two items: Green duck and Fat duck. Green duck is famous for the tender meat and sweet taste. Fat duck has got much fat in the meat, which makes the meat much more appetizing. Eaten with green onion, pepper or special jam, Yiliang Roast Duck is full of local flavor, especially the Roast Duck made in Goujie Street. The Yiliang Roast Duck is made in style. We choose pine trees as fuel and burn them. After the smoke fades, turn the duck and smear honey and lard on its skin. The skin of duck is yellow and crisp. The duck meat is soft and sweet. The famous dish can be enjoyed in many places in Kunming.

Available in restaurants near Jiuxiang Karst Caves and the Stone Forest


Cross-Bridge Rice Noodle
It's a delicious snack in Yunnan Province. Rice noodles are made by soaking, steaming and grinding. The cooking and eating of rice noodles are quite special. First, make soup with chicken, ham, and bones, ladle the soup in a big bowl, and put some chick fat on the surface. Then heat the fresh meat slices, chicken slices, hams, pig liver slices, fish slices, bean curd sheets and pea sprouts. Finally, scald the rice noodles prepared in the hot soup and eat the noodles. There is a story about the cross-bridge rice noodles going like this: in the Qing Dynasty, there was a scholar studying hard on an island in Nanhu Lake of Mengzi County in South Yunnan Province. His wife sent meals for him every day. But due to the long distance, the rice got cold when she arrived at the island. Later, she filled the soup with pottery and put a spoonful of chick fat on the surface of the soup to keep the soup hot. Thus, the noodles could be eaten upon scalding and tasted delicious. Afterwards, the cooking method got popular in middle Yunnan Province, and the rice noodles are called Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles.

Available in Brothers Jiang and Jian Xin Yuan


Rice Braised with Beans
It is a popular food in Kunming. After the green broad beans or green peas are fried in the steel pot, high quality rice soaked for half an hour is added. Boiled and braised with gentle heat, and adding salts and monosodium glutamates, the beans and rice can be served at tables. With green beans, red meat and white rice, the rice braised with beans is colorful and pleasant to the eye. It tastes sweet and delicious.


Rice Cakes
During the Spring Festival, people in Kunming are accustomed to eating rice cakes. Rice cakes are made by soaking, steaming, pounding and kneading. "Every household changes the spring couplet and rice, pounds the rice to make rice cakes for cooking", a poem of the Qing Dynasty describes the scene of the Spring Festival in Kunming like this. While the northerners eat dumplings in Spring Festival, people in Kunming cook rice cakes. Sliced, compounded with ham slices, pickled vegetables, and hot peppers, fried with pig fat, and seasoned with sugar and sauce, the rice cakes can be served at tables. People also send rice cakes to each other when visiting relatives. Rice cakes cooked by the four various methods of frying, boiling, stewing and roasting have various tastes.

Available in Yingfeng Erkuai Chain and many breakfast booths

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