Souvenirs that are worth buying in Kunming

Bornite Artefact 
Bornite artifact is an exotic flower in the artifacts of China. Bornite artifact of the early stage was made of the natural bornite ore excavated in Dongchuan through cold forging. Due to the rarity of the natural bornite ore, the development of bornite artifact was limited. After 200 years’ practices, people developed the technique process of artificial bornite through metallurgy and found. The current bornite artifacts in Kunming fall into the two categories of “natural” and “artificial”. Though the natural bornite artifacts are made of natural bornite ores, the artificial bornite artifacts, with the colors of gold and yellow are nearly as beautiful as the natural bornite artifacts. Main models of the artifacts include lifelike characters, animals, antique vases, ancient cooking vessels, stoves, and jar, winning prizes at the international trade fairs. Some have become national treasures and gifts in international exchanges. 


Batik is a folk artifact popular in the ethnic areas of Yunnan Province. It enjoys a long history. Absorbing the culture and arts of the ethnic groups of Yunnan Province, the batiks in Kunming take various patterns of animals, flowers, and landscapes, original, simple and in good taste. The major products are clothes, panniers and hangings.


Due to the historical and geographical factors, a distribution center of jades centered on Kunming and based on Tengchong, Ruili, Yingjiang, and Mangshi has emerged in Yunnan Province. And the most well-known is the emerald produced in Burma.


Sani Satchel
Sani satchel is a daily utensil and cute folk handicraft as well. The patterns and stitching skills on it show the ethnic features of Sani people, a branch of Yi minority in Shilin (the Stone Forest). As the representative of ethnic satchels of Yunnan Province, Sani satchel has been awarded with National Tourism Product Prize. A masterpiece of Sani satchels is one that’s embroidered. 


Pu'er Tea
Pu’er Tea refers to loose tea and compact tea made of primary big-leaf tea of Yunnan Province by pile fermentation or long-term natural seasoning. Among various kinds of tea, Pu’er Tea is famous for its fragrance. As a historically famous tea, it can warm the stomach, reduce fat and uplift spirits. Yunnan is the original place of the famous tea. The special processing technique endows the tea with the characteristic of storage.


Where to by
The best place is the Jingxing Free Market in the downtown where you will find more and spend a whole day around.